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What if we are always one degree of separation from someone who will play a significant role in shaping who we become?

Campus Ministry – Pete – Cody – Clinton – Andrea/Lindsay – Chad…

CPAC – Stadia – Bloom – Stacey – Kasey – Connect…

ECC – Jim – Andy – Northside – Rick – Keith…

Orchard – RHM – Bob – Breandan…

Throughout the New Testament epistles there are lists of names and little phrases like “the believers in that town” or “the brothers and sisters.” The social fabric of the church is what enables its movement. Each piece is woven together by interpersonal connections.

We have never been antisocial people. In every season of life, we have made friends and developed meaningful relationships. Our social circles have always been deep and wide. However, there are limits to how many people we can hold relationship with at any given time. Some social psychologists limit the number to 100-150 social connections that can managed to varying degrees. Having been in Bloomington-Normal for over a decade, working at the same church within that time, and settling into friendships with neighbors and others, our sphere had become somewhat static.

This new chapter forced us to look one degree of separation beyond our most established relationships. There are incredible webs of connection being formed in this season of life. It’s tough to see relationships changing, but it’s also exciting to see what’s developing.

Since leaving BloNo, we’ve seen campus ministry relationships lead to someone in Connecticut signing our church’s incorporation documentation. We’ve seen a small group from our church planting assessment result in a significant partnership between our church and a church in Central Illinois. We’ve seen former coworkers from ECC help bridge the gap to former church planters in Fairfield. And we’ve seen our partner organizations introducing us to local pastors who practically helped us unload our moving truck!

It makes us wonder if we’re always one degree of separation from someone who will play a significant role in shaping our lives. There’s beauty in the depth of relationship we can develop when we are consistent and rhythmic. But there’s also something powerful in following a new lead into an unknown connection. Our center of relationship has shifted, but the web of connectivity has not been broken.


That so many threads are being woven together.


God, bring people of peace from every demographic into our sphere of relationship.

photo of a snow weather and brown concrete building


Peace be to you. The friends greet you. Greet the friends, each by name (3 John 15, ESV).