Enneagram Guidance

In 2017, I was introduced to the Enneagram by my wife, Leslie. A pastor by trade, I immediately began seeing the utility of the tool in helping people grow. During the pandemic of 2020, I completed a certification program with Your Enneagram Coach (YEC) to bolster my understanding of the tool. I love using the Enneagram to help individuals, couples, and groups experience transformation and renewal.

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Personal transformation and renewal can be tricky. A Guide and a tool like the Enneagram can help you experience breakthrough in a variety of areas. I've noticed people especially appreciate the development they see professionally and relationally.


We are social beings who thrive in the context of relationships. Yet relationship management is difficult in every Group or Team setting. Whether you lead a department at work, a neighborhood committee, or a Small Group at Church, Enneagram Guidance will help your sphere of influence better understand one another and function collectively toward your stated objectives.


The Enneagram gives us deeper understanding and appreciation of one another as well as common language for the difficult dynamic of marital communication. Whether you are dating, engaged or married, Enneagram Guidance can develop your relationship.

About Me: Charlie

I'm husband to Leslie (married 2009) and dad to four awesome kids (Ella, 2013; Violet, 2015; Warren, 2016; and Pearl, 2018). We are part of a church planting effort in Fairfield County, Connecticut, but originally come from the Chicagoland suburbs. Our great hope and joy is to see people growing and thriving together.