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What happened on April 14?

When we invited over 50 households to attend our Bread+Wine celebration, we had no idea what would happen. We were nervous. We felt exposed. It was one of our most vulnerable experiences since moving to Connecticut. But we were also excited, eager to see what could come together. We held the anxiety and the excitement alongside one another.

It was entirely possible that every household we invited would say, “No thanks.” The relationships we’ve been building here are encouraging, but this was our first time hosting a church-ish event. It was a defining moment for our relationships.

We created Bread+Wine as a unique gathering to celebrate new beginnings. The spring brings vitality and optimism. This spring, more than most, feels like the turning of a corner, the first breath of fresh air after a few stifled years. We chose the Thursday before Easter because it’s the night we traditionally remember the Last Supper. Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus gathered his friends for the Passover meal. It was the first Last Supper, and it marked a new beginning for the followers of Jesus.

On April 14, 2022, we gathered a group of friends around bread and wine to celebrate the beginning of a new church in Fairfield County, Connecticut. People from our neighborhood and school were mixing with friends we’ve made through social events and networks. It was overwhelming and beautiful to see some of the first fruits of our labor. God is forming a unique faith community before our very eyes.

Throughout Psalm 16, David sings a celebration. He recognizes God’s faithfulness to preserve him in goodness and beauty. He blesses and delights in God. He sings of life, joy and pleasure (Ps 16.11).

Back in January, pastors from another Orchard Group Project prayed over us as we set out on this work. They prayed that we would enjoy the months ahead of us. There is much work and labor in church planting, but there is also joy and beauty wherever there is new life.

City Coast is still taking shape, but there is life in it; and, because of that, we rejoice.


Over twenty households (80 people) responded to our Bread+Wine invitation.


God, build a community out of the random connections we’re making.


You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever (Psalm 16.11, NLT).